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Sep. 4th, 2005

1) When was the last time someone held you?
ummm...i'm not sure

2) Where do you feel the most peace in the world?
at the beach

3) What do you regret doing or not doing most in the last 6 months?
wasting the summer sleeping and doing these damn surveys!! haha

4) If you died right now, what would you regret not doing most before you died?
i'm not sure

5) Who were the last 5 people you hugged?
umm...roomie, becca, um...other ppl at BJs the other night i think

6) When was the last time you told someone you loved them?
sometime in the past day or 2

7) How many people have you liked in the last year?
a few

8) Last time you went on a date?
i dunno

9) What movie does it seem that every one else has seen except you?
hmmm...i dunno..i have a lot of movies! haha

10) What is your favorite everyday lunch?

11) What is a common misconception about you?
that i'm a dumb blonde

12) What have you done in the last week that you are most proud of?
walked twice everyday and not eaten too much...AND gotten up EVERY day at 8:00 without being tired!

13) What was that last inside-joke that you laughed about most?
probably something concerning Marv i'm sure! haha

14) Who do you look up to?
Raven & Cyndi..and my friends..and anyone who's overcome an eating disorder

15) What is the stupidest thing you've done in the last week?
umm..i probably spent money on something stupid as usual

16) What is the most embarrassing thing you've done in the last week?
nothing really

18) Religious?
at times..but i'm not a good catholic

19) What are/were you most scared that your parents will find out about?
that i went to Florida in February! haha

20) Something you’re thankful for (plays a significant part in your life currently):
i agree w/kelly--the air conditioning! haha

[four beverages you drink frequently]
diet pepsi, caffeine free diet pepsi, water, yeah that's about it

[four shows you watched when you were little]
Today's special, Pinwheel, Eureka's castle, Full house

[four places to go in your area]
the gym
SU campus in general

[four things you do when you're bored]
watch movies
surf the internet
listen to music

[four things that never fail to cheer you up]
my friends
conan o'brien--i AGREE kelly! haha
Raven :)

[four things you can't live without]

got up at 8:30
doing this survey

[twelve things you love]
1. my friends/fam
2. shopping
3. walking
4. sunshine
5. SU
6. diet pepsi
7. movies

8. music
9. late night TV
10. sleep
11. chocolate
12. NYC

you keep a diary:

you like to cook:
not really

you have a secret you have not shared with anyone:

you fold your underwear:
not really.

you talk in your sleep:

you set your watch a few minutes ahead:
nope it's RIGHT on time.

you believe in love:
of course.

movie you rented:
A Perfect Murder from Netflix

movie you bought:
Hostage..SOOO good!

song you listened to:
"Large Amounts" - Ludacris

song that was stuck in your head:
"One Love" - Hootie

song you downloaded:
"One Love"

cd you bought:
i dont remember...i just download now

movie you watched:
A Perfect Murder

person you were thinking of:
umm..roomie sleeping on the couch..haha.

[do you...]
wish you could live somewhere else:
not right now..i love SU..but yeah i want to live where it's warm eventually.

believe in online dating:
not so much.

wish others find you attractive:

want tattoos:
perhaps..dont have one yet but i'm thinking about it

like cleaning:

like roller coasters:
yep love em

write in cursive or print:
it's a mixture usually

carry a donor card:

[have you ever...]
cried over a boy/girl:
who hasn't?

lied to someone:
again, who hasn't?

been in a fist fight:

been arrested:

of times i have been in love:

of people i consider my enemies:
i dunno.

of cds that i own:

of times my name has appeared in the newspaper:
at home a lot

[right now...]
what color panties are you wearing:
leopard print.

what song are you listening to:

what taste is in your mouth:
diet pepsi

what's the weather like:
sunny and warm..love it

how are you:

[do you...]
get motion sickness:

have a bad habit:

get along with your parents:
dad--not often; mom--usually but not always

show: Sex and the City, Conan, Jay, SNL, Days

magazine: Fitness/Shape/Self

non-alcoholic drink: diet pepsi

[have you...]
broken the law: yes.

ran away from home: yeah.

ever cheated on a test: yeah

stayed up till four on the phone:

ever gone skinny dipping:

made a prank phone call:

ever tipped over a porta potty:

used your parents credit card before:

skipped school:

fell asleep in the shower/bath:

been in a school play:
yeah lots in high school

cried in public:

let a friend cry on your shoulder:

do you have a job:

your cd player has in it right now:
none..iPod is on shuffle

if you were a crayon, what color would you be?
hot pink

what's the next cd you're going to get:
i dunno..perhaps Dirty Rotten Scoundrels soundtrack

what do you like to do:
hang w/friends/relax/walk.

how do you want to die:
in my sleep

[when/what was the last...]
time you cried:
umm...i dunno

you got a real letter:
been awhile

you got an email:
i get spam everyday...

thing you purchased:
poster putty at walmart

movie you saw in the theater:
Red Eye--GOOD ONE!

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