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1. Do you think Cambells Chunky soup is really chunkier than normal? yeah definitely! hehe
2. Do you think "Chunky" makes it sound disgusting? nope...makes it sound chunkier!

3. Did you ever eat this soup? yeah..it's good shit man
4. How come your name isn't Bob? because my name is diane!

5. Do you like Pina Coladas? yeah good shit as well
6. What about getting caught in the rain? happens to me all the time b/c i always think i have enough time to walk before it pours but i dont
7. How is your day so far? a bummer..i lost $80 at the casino :(
8. Were you born before 1990? haha yes...1983
9. Do you watch 7th Heaven? nope
10. Do you watch any gay shows like that? nope
11. Are you diabetic? no
12. Do you know anyone that is diabetic? yeah
13. Is pizza your favorite food? nope i dont eat it really
14. When you were younger, did you want to grow up and be a firefighter? no i wanted to be dancer when i was little
15. What about a teacher? yeah that too
16. Do you often dream of world domination? yeah i think i am gonna take over Egypt......or at least my ass is! haha
17. Do you agree with George Bush's plans in Iraq? Don't get me started with Bush..i dont agree with him in general
18. Explain your answer... i just did
19. Did you ever see the episode of South Park where they try to build a ladder to heaven? no
20. Would you ever try to build a ladder to heaven? no
21. Do you think it's possible? no
22. Do you even believe in heaven? Yes I do
23. What about hell? Uh huh
24. Jimmy or Timmy(southpark)? i dunno
25. Where were you on September 11, 2001? at Susquehanna
26. Did you ever go to take a crap on the toilet and fall in because the seat wasn't down? i think i fell in before actually
27. Will Wiley Coyote ever catch Roadrunner? i wish to God he would! that'd be funny as hell
28. Did you ever try to climb your chimney? nope
29. Did you make it to the top? noe
30. Does your house even have a chimney? yes
31. Did you ever smoke? yeah a few times
32. What is your last name spelled backwards? dnuarb
33. Did you ever look your name up in the phonebook? yep
34. Did you ever look at the last name "Smith" in the phonebook? Yes. There's a lotttt.
35. Did you ever wonder why there are so many "Smith"s in the world? No, but there's a logical reason. There must've been a lot of blacksmiths, whitesmiths, aerosmiths in the world a long time ago. I am a genius. 
36. Have you ever been to the zoo? when i was little
37. Have you ever sold a pair of used socks on E-bay? ...no
38. Would your ever buy a pair of used socks on E-bay? no way
39. Do you have a monster in your closet? no jsut a bunch of shit
40. Are you sure? positive
41. Did you ever fart in an elevator when there were more than 3 strangers in it? no
42. If you did, did they know it was you? --
43. Did it smell really bad? --
44. Do you enjoy taking surveys? Well, OBVIOUSLY
45. Do you enjoy taking random question surveys? Absofuckinlutely. I love surveys that are completely off the wall, you know?
46. Do you think this survey was very unusual and random? I guess it was random
47. Did you like it? Sure
48. Will you look what you've done to me? Um. I dont know who created this survey. Sorry.
49. Will you take more of my surveys? dunno
50. What is your name? umm....i forget.

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